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Orphan’s Day Out

06 Jul Activities | Comments
Orphan’s Day Out

at the Enchanted Kingdom

Never fear spoiling children by making them too happy. Happiness is the atmosphere in which all good affections grow.
-Thomas Bray

Last December 12, 2007, an outreach program entitled “Orphan’s Day Out” was conducted by the iCare Ministries in cooperation with MyVine Pre-paid SIM. Christian Compassion Ministries (CCM) Foundation Inc. was chosen to be the recipient of the said program. Thirty (30) orphans composed of twenty-five (25) girls and five (5) boys with ages 5-11 years old were given the opportunity to experience and enjoy the rides and adventure at the Enchanted Kingdom (EK). Thirty (30) JIL volunteers were assigned to each child who accompanied them throughout the day.

icare_sisdoryExcitement filled the hearts of both children and volunteers while on journey to EK. The glow seen in the orphan’s faces showed how delighted they are. Upon arrival at the theme park, both volunteers and orphans enjoyed a pleasant lunch meal. After which, they took thrilling rides from Dodgem, Bump N’ Splash, Flying Fiesta, Rialto, Stone Eggs, Dinosoarus, Roller Skater, and others. They were also entertained by the clown shows, dance numbers, parlor games. The orphans even showed off their talents by exhibiting their own moves and dance steps. The real spirit of joy of this season was felt indeed all throughout the day.

icare_joniAs time for departure came closer, the whole group gathered for picture taking and giving of gifts for each child from their respective volunteer-chaperone. Though the volunteers were physically exhausted, it still was a fulfilling activity coupled with love and care for the children while travelling back to the latter’s so called home – the orphanage.

It was a great experience for all… a day filled with love and compassion for the children who were deprived of care and attention from their biological parents. True enough, this kind of commitment will leave a mark not just in the hearts and souls of these children but in the hearts and souls of the volunteers as well.


icare_joemerThe Orphan’s Day Out project by iCare Ministries was indeed very remarkable. It was a privilege to minister to the orphans of Christian compassion Ministries Foundation. Noel was the name of my adopted child. Before I met him, I asked God to anoint me as I minister to the child who will be assigned to me. God was really amazing! God used Noel to minister to me as well. I asked Noel if he got a well rested sleep the night before our trip. He said that he was so excited and was awake at 4:30am for the prayer time. More than the happiness we have experienced during the day, I was deeply moved on how they sang a lot of worship songs to God at their young age. I have faith that they are riding on a Jesus driven life more than the rides that we had. Though they are orphans, I believe Jesus completes their life.

- Joemer Cahayon

JIL Volunteer

icare_karisI was really excited while preparing for this outreach activity. This was my first time doing this kind of charity work. The name of my adopted child is Ronalyn, a 7 year old little girl. Physically, she looks fragile and timid. When I gave her something to eat and also during our lunch time I noticed that she’s not fond of eating. Her favourite color is blue and she has a sister who also happened to be included at our EK trip. We had fun and laughter at the rides, especially at the Ferris Wheel and Carousel. Before we went home,

I gave her a bag as a gift which I bought also at EK. We even exchanged our event IDs, which would remind us that there was a time in our lives that we spent a celebrated day together. I will never forget this experience and I am thankful to God and to JIL that they allowed me to encounter this kind of mission!

- Karisma Santiago
JIL Volunteer

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