Empowerment (Livelihood Training)


Livelihood development programs are designed to help improve the quality of life for marginalized people by providing them with access to livelihood opportunity. We empower the program participants to break free of the cycle of poverty by enabling them attain financial independence, providing appropriate skills trainings and utilizing external resources that they can gain access to


To help the families of the beneficiaries to have additional sources of income that can support them with their everyday needs.

Kaalaman at Kabuhayan Karaban

KKK is a portable (mobile) training program which intends to visit at least 12 depressed areas in the National Capital Region (NCR) every year to offer skills training and provide tools and materials to those who want to open a small business. The courses offered will help them become micro entrepreneurs and generate income for their families. The length of each training depends on the course in which the shortest is a 2-day consecutive training.

Core Programs:

  • Home care products such as liquid soap, bath soap, glass cleaner, dishwashing liquid.
  • Food processing such as meat loaf, puto, peanut butter,
  • Basic food design
  • Poultry raising
  • Basic Financial Management for small entrepreneurs which includes savings and debt control principles (this will be done prior to giving them a working capital)